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Dash sitting.JPG
Dash on point 2014.jpg
Baby Sally
Baby Dash headshot.jpg
Touchstone's August Aus Der Wuste RD

OFA Hips Good, Elbows & Thyroid Normal, Eyes Normal, HUU/HYPM n/n (clear, not carrier), CHIC #138951

Weight: 68lbs  Height: 25"

NorthLink's Get My Shotgun JH CGC NAVHDA NA I UT II

OFA Hips Excellent, Thyroid & Cardiac Normal, Eyes Normal w/ Breeder's Option E2

HUU/HYPM n/n (clear, not carrier), CHIC #135705

Weight: 55lbs  Height: 25"


Sally was bred to Dash, from Touchstone Weimaraners. Dash is owned by the Fleming family and lives in Michigan. Sally had 9 beautiful pups on March 9th. They are being raised in Buffalo, NY. There are no puppies available for sale at this time.


Dash has an impressive field pedigree, comprised of many of the breed's most accomplished dogs, including many Hall of Fame dogs.  In the field, Dash has a medium gundog range and great style on point. He absolutely loves to retrieve, from land or water. In 2019, he will be in training for NAVHDA Utility. At home, Dash is a sweet boy, who lives with 2 kids who adore him (see those painted nails on the left?). He's very obedient and loves attention. 


Dash retrieving.jpg
Sally on point
Dash on point 2017.jpg
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