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NorthLink's Get My Shotgun by Renata Canaday
NorthLink's Get My Shotgu
NorthLink's Get My Shotgun
NorthLink's Get My Shotgun

NorthLink's Get My Shotgun JH CGC NAVHDA NAI UTIII

Sire: Ragnar Zeiss vom Fenriswolf NAVHDA UTIII (Import Germany)

Dam: Shadowpoint's NorthLink Izzy NAVHDA NA1 (112)

Breeders: April & J.R. Mallon

Owners: Carey Killion & Jason Shultz, on lease to NorthLink for 2019

DOB: January 10th, 2015

Health Clearances: OFA Hips - Excellent, OFA Thyroid & Cardiac - Normal, OFA Eyes - Normal w/ Breeder's Option E2, CHIC # 135705, HUU-Clear, HYPM-clear

Coat Length: Stockhaar/Longhair Carrier

Height: 25"

Weight: 55lbs

Sally is a littermate to our Belle, and proudly owned & trained by Carey & Jason in NY. We are teaming up in 2019 and have bred Sally to a great boy named Dash. 

If you're involved with NAVHDA, Carey & Sally may sound familiar to you - they were the October 2018 cover story of the VHD magazine. Check out the inspiring article if you don't subscribe: The Toughest Test

Sally has proven herself to be an all around amazing dog. She has a lot of point, style and intensity in the field. She absolutely loves ducks and has been known to do 45+ minute duck searches. She has big range in the field (she really doesn't understand why they made hunt test fields so small!). At home Sally keeps her owners entertained and on their toes. She's a clown, a thief, a cuddler and the best companion. She's never had a bad day in her life...ok, maybe the day she met Mr. Porcupine, but she regrets NOTHING! (The prey drive is strong with this one!)

NorthLink's Get My Shotgun
NorthLink's Get My Shotgun by Renata Canaday
Sally on point by Renata Canaday
Sally in the leaves
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