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Enjoy some videos of our dogs hunting & training, our litters and other videos of interest.

Olive's Water Retrieve

16 week old Olive retrieves a bird

Lincoln Green Broke

Recently broke Lincoln almost perfect on his bird

Scout - 6 weeks old pointing and stalking

Otto x Ziggy pups in slo-mo!

8 month old Brier preparing for his Natural Ability test

Olive Hunting Pigeons

13 week old Olive learning to hunt

Lincoln in Utility training

Lincoln completing a duck search as part of his Utility training

Georgia - 5 months old swimming and retrieving

2 year old Belle in training

NEW - 1 year old Wyatt doing his first blind duck retrieve

Olive First Planted Birds

11 week old Olive on planted chukar

Sunny x Lowgun Pups - 7 weeks

A little puppy playtime

Belle - 18 months old hunting and pointing

8 month old Hunter practicing his water retrieves

NEW - Wyatt working some stray pheasants

NEW - Steadiness training for Brier

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