Enjoy some videos of our dogs hunting & training, our litters and other videos of interest.

Olive's Water Retrieve

16 week old Olive retrieves a bird

Olive Hunting Pigeons

13 week old Olive learning to hunt

Olive First Planted Birds

11 week old Olive on planted chukar

Lincoln Green Broke

Recently broke Lincoln almost perfect on his bird

Lincoln in Utility training

Lincoln completing a duck search as part of his Utility training

Sunny x Lowgun Pups - 7 weeks

A little puppy playtime

Scout - 6 weeks old pointing and stalking

Otto x Ziggy pups in slo-mo!

Georgia - 5 months old swimming and retrieving

NEW - 2 year old Belle in training

Belle - 18 months old hunting and pointing

NEW - 8 month old Hunter practicing his water retrieves

NEW - 8 month old Brier preparing for his Natural Ability test

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