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Please read on to find out more information about getting a NorthLink Weimaraner.



Please contact us for current prices. A deposit may be requested. This deposit may be transferred to future litters, or in some circumstances, refunded. We want to make sure you get the hunting companion you are looking for. 



We look for certain things from our puppy owners.  First and foremost is that you intend for your Weimaraner to be a part of your family, live in the house and be loved and adored.  We do support the use of professional trainers, where your dog may live temporarily in a kennel, however during day-to-day life, we expect the dog to live indoors with its owners. An adult Weimaraner should not be left alone more than about 8 hours, and for a puppy, even less.  A Weim will simply not tolerate a lack of attention, and they will find way to get it.


A fenced in yard is preferred for the dog's safety. An inground fence can be effective but it is not Weim-proof. 

Our puppies come with 30 days of complimentary pet insurance. It will be up to you whether you continue with the insurance, however we strongly recommend you do, at least for the first 2 years. If you decide against pet insurance, you must be aware that a single emergency vet visit can easily top $1000 for something as simple as a stomach bug.



A Weimaraner is a versatile gundog. Versatile in this sense refers to the fact that they run, point, retrieve, swim, and track.  These qualities are inate in the Weimaraner and are the focus of our breeding program.  Improving the hunting abilities of the Weimaraner is our passion and what drives each and every carefully planned and researched litter.  It's what sends us all over North America looking for a quality stud to breed to our females.  Because of this, we choose to place our puppies with hunters primarily.  Occasionally we may have field trial prospects and love seeing our puppies in competition. If you are not interested in the hunting aspect of the Weimaraner, we may not be the right breeder for you.  Please check out for a comprehensive list of reputable breeders.



The process for getting a NorthLink Weimaraner involves viewing the Puppies page to get information on our upcoming litters.  If we have an upcoming litter, please contact us to express your interest and ask any questions you may have. If it appears you may be a good fit initially, we will send you a Puppy Application.  If everything looks good and we have room on our waiting list, we will add your name.  Having your name added to the waiting list does not guarantee you a puppy.  There are many forces out of our control that dictate whether a breeding is successful, there are enough puppies to supply the demand, and the right mix of sexes is available.  Once the puppies are born and appear strong and vigorous, we may request a deposit to reserve a puppy.  We'd also like to meet you and have you meet our dogs.  We'd be happy to arrange a meet-up in the Southwestern Ontario area - just let us know! If, at 8 weeks, through whatever circumstances there is no longer a puppy available, your deposit may be refunded or you may choose to transfer it to the next litter. We welcome puppy visits starting around 4 weeks. Between 7-8 weeks, we will make the puppy selections and we will notify you which puppy is yours.  If you've had a chance to visit the puppies, your thoughts and preferences are definitely respected and considered, however we will make the final choices. Puppies can be picked up from London, Ontario no sooner than 8 weeks of age.  We do not ship puppies via cargo, however if you fly in to pick up your puppy, you will be able to fly with it in the cabin for the return trip.


Cross Border Applicants: We unfortunately cannot bring your puppy across the border for you, so a passport will be required. It is your responsibility to research and understand the importation rules for puppies. 



We breed hunting Weimaraners for hunters. Field trial prospects occasionally.

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