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If you are expecting a litter of puppies and are looking for some assistance, I offer a "MidWoof" service. I will come to your home (within 1 hour of London, ON) to assist you with your litter. The following services are available:

  • Pre-visit prior to whelping to allow your girl to become familiar with me. We can also go over whelping supplies to ensure the necessary items are on-hand. 

  • Access via email, text, IM or phone prior to whelping date for questions, recommendations, encouragement, reassurance etc. Many new AND experienced breeders feel better having a second opinion or someone else to run something by - something as simple as "Is this normal?" or "What can I expect next?".

  • Once your female reaches stage 1 of her labour, typically panting, pacing, shivering, I will come over to assist with whelping. I will stay until all pups are delivered, max 18 hours. Additional time may be possible for an extra fee.

  • I can accompany you to vet for emergencies, or for planned c-sections. For large litters, an extra hand may be needed to revive pups after delivery. I can also provide an extra hand at vet appointments after the puppies are born. Example: Tail docking/dewclaws, vaccinations, wellness checks etc. 

  • Willing to travel outside of the 1 hour radius in some circumstances. Please contact me. 

DISCLAIMER: I am a hobby breeder. I do not have formal veterinary education, only first-hand experience whelping approximately 30 litters (medium, large and x-large breed experience only). I cannot provide veterinary or medical advice. By hiring NorthLink Whelping Service, you agree we cannot be held responsible for maternal or neonatal loss or injury, as breeding and whelping carries innate risks. Our priority will be the health of your bitch first and foremost, then the health of the litter. 

Basic Whelping Service

Pre-visit, plus whelping, max 1 hour from London, ON, addt'l time or travel extra

$400 CDN

Vet Appointment

Extra hand for things like tails/dewclaws, vaccinations, health checks etc. 

$75 CDN/visit

Other Services

Is there something else you need help with? Please contact us to see if we may be able to assist! 

Please email for details and scheduling
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