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Ch. Stonepoint's The Missing Link FD RDX V 
FC MGD's N Lites Graysky's Full Moon Maggie NAVHDA NAI

Breeder: Ryan Miller, MGD Weimaraners

7 puppies arrived on December 17th - 4 girls, 3 boys.  All puppies from this litter have been reserved.

Maggie comes from a line of great field trial Weimaraners, including such famed dogs as FC AFC NFC NAFC Gus, FC AFC NFC Sgt Schultz and FC Hogan among many others.  Maggie has continued their legacy while making a name for herself by earning a Field Championship before the age of 3.  Maggie has a sweet temperament and is relaxed and calm both in the house and on the road. She's got an exceptional nose, intense staunch point and is a natural backer.  She is also strong in the water.

Lincoln is highly driven and displays passion in the field, woods or water. He is a mentally tough dog who loves to work. His puppies have inherited his drive and desire, unbreakable spirit and water love.  He has contributed to moderate and correct conformation in his offspring, many of whom are proving they are built to hunt all day.

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