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Shade on point
Shade running through snow
Lowgun in the woods
Shade in the field
Timberdoodle Low Gun RDX NAVHDA NA I (112), UT I (202)

OFA Hips Good, Elbows, Thyroid, Cardiac & Eyes Normal, PennHip 60th Percentile
CHIC #79918

Weight: 65lbs  Height: 26"

NorthLink Mattie's Bayou Shade SD NAVHDA NA II (108)

OFA Hips Excellent, Thyroid, Cardiac & Eyes Normal

HUU/HYPM n/n (clear, not carrier), CHIC #95435

Weight: 45lbs  Height: 23.5"


Shade was bred to Lowgun, from Timberdoodle Weimaraners in Michigan. They welcomed 8 puppies on March 4th - 5 boys and 3 girls! All puppies have homes.


Shade is a sweet, precocious girl with lots of run, point and style. She's quiet around the house, runs with speed and endurance, and swims sometimes just for the heck of it. She has an excellent, balanced temperament. Other than a few injuries due to her hard-charging ways in the woods, Shade has been extremely healthy and is an easy-keeper. 


Lowgun is a naturally talented wild bird dog. He was trained for NAVHDA Utility by a novice owner and easily attained a Prize 1 on the first attempt. He is easy to live with and has a very lovely temperament around people and other dogs, including intact males. In the field, aside from bringing home dozens of wild grouse & woodcock for his owner each year, Lowgun has proved to be all-breed competitive in the local cover dog trials. He won a 22-dog stake in 2011, and placed 2nd in 2012, over pointers and setters, who typically dominate such competitions. 

Lowgun pointing a pheasant
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