Ragnar Zeiss vom Fenriswolf NAVHDA UTIII

Hips OFA Good

Shadowpoint's NorthLink Izzy NAVHDA NAI (112)

Hips OFA Good

Cardiac, Thyroid OFA Normal, Eyes Normal (Breeders Option: Distichia)

HUU/HYPM n/n (clear, not carrier)

LHC negative

Zeiss is an awesome longhair boy from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  He was imported to Canada as a puppy from Germany.  He is from the "vom Fenriswolf" kennel. This is his first breeding in North America.

Izzy is Shade's full litter sister.  She's a sweet girl with a goofy, wiggly personality and strives to please.  She's got an intense point, groundspeed and a ton of range.  


The puppies arrived on January 10th!  Izzy had 6 girls and 3 boys and all are doing great!

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